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Sama – Interactive Digital Signage has industrial leading stylish display product family.

The Common Style Floor-standing Network Digital Signage LCD Player is the most eye-catching LCD player which attract myriad eye, complete with the powerful Titan OS Management software which is featured with simple installation, centralized management, web-based management software, etc.

With the unique high definition video decoding capability, 1080P over HDMI, and it allows you to deliver impressive, dynamic signs.

LED Display Panel
Excellent picture technology LED screen is consistently bright and clean, glare and eye fatigue are minimized by an anti-reflective coating over tempered glass.

• Support True Finger Touch • 1-point writing simultaneously
• Anti-noise writing technology • Low cost
• Full 1920X1080 HD resolution display • Optional Built-in OPS Computer / Android System
• Built-in high-speed 1 touch sensor • OS Support : Windows 8 / 7 / Vista / XP,, Mac, Linux , ANDROID…
and more…