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Showcase your brand in the most engaging way using SAMA LED screen advertising that allows you to use the highest quality, next-generation LED technology. Advertising on our first-of-its-kind outdoor LED screen will get Dubai talking about you.

Our outdoor advertising LED screen has a large interactive outdoor LED screen advertisement visible to a captive audience.
- SAMA LED signage is the most technically-advanced outdoor LED screen in the Middle East and Africa. This format allows you to manage and alter the dynamic content at any time, allowing you to engage better with the audience. You can also display multiple images and messages, making LED screen advertising in Dubai the most cost-effective medium to reach potential clients.

- SAMA LED display advertising board allows air to pass through it and reduces the need for air-conditioning to keep the LED components productive. SAMA LED screens allow for see-through and are ideal for installations on building facades.

We offer the most competitive LED screen advertising rates and best LED display screen advertising proposals in the MEA.

Why opt for SAMA LED Screen Advertising

  • The best high-definition LED screens in MEA.
  • Several messages can be displayed simultaneously using dynamic videos.
  • Alteration and updating content on LED display board can be done easily and often.
  • UAE-make assures best quality and longest-lasting LED advertising screen in MEA.
  • Advanced SAMA technology requires no air-conditioning, lets air and light pass through.