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In a world where customer service is imperative for all businesses to function, a poor congestion of queues is the last thing needed for effective business transactions. An unplanned influx of customers without adequate service not only creates customer frustration but create inefficiency within the work place. This unpredictability is often too late to handle.

Queue congestion can lead to low customer satisfaction, longer waiting periods, poor brand image and walk-offs. Ultimately this affects customer loyalty issues. Yet, hiring additional employees is not the answer, as this may reduce productivity, lead to staff idleness and reduce profitability.

SAMA QMS is a major breakthrough in multimedia queuing management system. The system is designed not only as a tool to solve queue congestion. The system allows for faster organization of queuing and customer service with its non-linear system. Customers no longer have to stand in a line waiting for their turn to be served, as they can sit comfortably in the waiting area without having to worry about missing their turn.

SAMA QMS system is different to other queuing management systems. The system not only allows for a more effective customer service, but it analyses daily customer service transactions for an improved company performance.

Benefits of SAMA QMS

SAMA QMS - Integrated Multimedia Queue Management System. SAMA QMS offers competitive benefits to all parties involved in the queue management system: customers, front office staff, back office staff, management relevant executives, and mutual partners.

Benefits for Customers

SAMA QMS involves ticketing kiosk, which functions as the first point of interaction with customers. Its multilingual capability accommodates different language speaking customers with an equal level of customer service.

The kiosk prints only one ticket number per service. Holding a ticket printed with a specific queue number and average waiting time, customers can comfortably sit in the waiting room, having the leisure of reading a magazine or chatting with another customer without having to worry about missing their turn due to queue jump or unpredictable waiting times.

SAMA QMS streamlines customer flow and creates for a more interactive waiting experience.

Benefits for Staff

SAMA QMS involves virtual caller, which functions to help customer service (front office) staff manage and serve the queue. It recognizes new visiting customer and timely update the queue number and queue status

of customers per service. When staffs are equipped with all these functionalities, they will be more aware of and more prepared to deal with the customers.


Benefits for Management

SAMA QMS involves a monitoring dashboard and reporting tools to provide your back office staff, management and executives with statistics. With these exceptionally handy features, they are not only kept updated with the customer volume and queue status, but are also able to monitor staff performance, identify any operational issues, and in response find appropriate solutions to avoid potential risk and loss.

SAMA QMS helps your management keep your business operations at its best performance.

Ticketing Kiosk

A ticketing kiosk is more than just a ticketing kiosk.

When a client or customer first enters a premise, they will always be in a state of observation, trying to figure out what they are supposed to do and where they are supposed to go. A ticketing kiosk will:


GREET - it focuses the customers to a single point and with SAMA QMS’s interactive and user-friendly interface, your customers will feel welcomed and relaxed knowing their place in the queue is secured.

INFORM - your customers will know exactly where to go for which ever service they select.

MANAGE - customers can no longer push ahead in line, nor can they lose their spot. Priorities will be handled faster


Touch screen keyboard – when you want your customers to input data such as name, address or ID number, an on-screen keyboard will appear allowing them to type their data in.


Calling Display

SAMA QMS’s Calling Display consists of the ticket counter display, an integrated multimedia display and a horizontal ticker-tape display; all of which are fully configurable and customizable. Our ticket counter display comes in several settings to suit your business environment ensuring that not a single customer is missed; our ticker-tape display scrolls with your very own text, enhancing your business motto or possibly promoting your website; our integrated multimedia display runs in a playlist fashion, showing every type of multimedia imaginable.

So whilst your customer waits at the comfort of their seat, sipping a coffee, reading the paper, perhaps filling in some forms, the calling display will alert them when their ticket is being called and to which counter. All the meanwhile they are being:

  INFORMED – use your own business logo, message or multimedia for a stronger business image and presence in your site. Inform your customers of upcoming events and recent news.

  ENTERTAINED – play TV live from the display to keep the kids entertained. Other formats that can be used include PowerPoint’s, Macromedia Flash, AVIs and much, much more!

  ALERTED – Ticket numbers that have been called out and currently being called out, are displayed neatly on either the left/right side of the screen. Along with the ceiling mounted speakers also alerting your customer, your site will be ensured a smooth and swift customer flow.

Customer Calling Module

Training new or current staff will be a breeze with SAMA QMS’s simple yet intuitive Virtual Caller. Instead of having extra wiring, extra hardware and extra costs, all you have installed is a small footprint-software on your existing counter PCs. Furthermore, this application can be integrated with most front‐end applications with/ without minor modification which will not impact the front-end application itself.


Studies have shown that customers will feel a shorter waiting period if they are occupied than not. Anxiety makes queuing seems longer and customers always compare the length of the queue they’re standing in compared to the other. It is this anxiety, which contributes to the perception of slow passage of time. This increases their impatience, thus a lower satisfaction. With SAMA QMS, you are ensuring an efficient and entertaining waiting period, leaving customers satisfied and pleased with your service.